hobby supplies

When you keep marine aquatics as a hobby you are in good company. According to a survey carried out by the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) there are some 3.9 million households in the UK that keep fish, either indoor or outdoor, and 1 in 5 of them keep marine fish.

At Marine World Aquatics we can supply a huge choice of marine creatures including fish (obviously) but also corals and invertebrates. So, for example, if you are looking for a lobster for sale, then you can choose between the blue lobster (Panulirius versicolor), the pink lobster (Enoplometopus daumi), or the scarlet lobster (Enoplometopus occidentalis). Better still, if you have a large tank, why not buy all three?

Lobsters are carnivores and so need to be fed small strips of shrimp flesh or fish once a day. Feed them using long handled tweezers. They are shy creatures, and during the day they like to hide in caves, only coming out at night. That means that you need to provide some cover for them. However, note that when they do come out at night, while corals and anemones are safe, small fish are not! You need to take this into consideration when buying lobsters.

Another thing to note is that while we may show lobsters for sale, our stocks can alter by the day, so what may have been in stock when we listed it might be gone when you order it! That is not a particular problem, because we can get more, but it may mean that you have to wait.


Of course, we also have all types of fish tank accessories for sale. There are both coarse and fine fish nets available in different sizes, depending upon the creatures that you keep, various glues and stone fixes, and of course, scrapers so that you can easily remove algae from the glass of the tank. We also stock the Flipper Deep See Aquarium Viewer which has a 4” optical grade magnifying lens: This is the ideal thing for taking photographs of your pets and can also help to spot any early signs of disease or pests on them. In addition, we offer a submersible digital thermometer for checking on the temperature of your tank.

If you are looking for hermit crabs, snails, starfish, and so on, we do these in packages at a special discount. You can choose your own package, or you can let us pick and mix up to 30 items of the many varieties that we stock. Your choice.