A Huge Choice Of Invertebrates For Your Home Aquarium

If you are new to the hobby of keeping marine creatures in a home aquarium, you may very well be amazed at the number of different animals that you can collect. Obviously, at Marine World Aquatics we offer a wide range of different fish, but we also have many corals and invertebrates for sale in the UK. They come in an almost never-ending selection of shapes, sizes, and above all colours that can make your aquarium stand out and astonish your family and friends.

Not only are many invertebrates colourful, but a lot of them are small creatures, and this means that they can happily live in nano-tanks – tanks which are of 30 gallons or less in size. A lot of invertebrates can also carry out useful tasks in an aquarium by feeding on algae and small bits of food leftovers, and they will control pests and parasites.

The stunning colours are quite astonishing. There are creatures such as the Blue Finger Starfish which, as the name suggests, is a very deep bright blue, and the Australian Biscuit Starfish in orange and white. Other amazing creatures include the Bongo Shrimp, the Bumble Bee shrimp (yes, it looks like a bumble bee!), and what about the Dancing Shrimp?

We also offer snails for sale as well. These are a large group of invertebrates which have a soft body which can withdraw into a shell which is often spiral in shape. Sea snails include limpets, whelks, periwinkles, dog winkles, abalones, Atlantic Slipper Snails, Chinese Hat Snails, and many more varieties.

Invertebrate Packages

A lot of our customers favour our packages of invertebrates which can include a variety of hermit crabs, starfish, Nassarius snails, Banded Trochus snails, shrimps, Turbo snails, and so on. All these packages are offered at discounts compared with buying the creatures individually. You can select from our range of packages, or alternatively you can have us pick and mix up to 30 items for you instead. You certainly won’t be disappointed!   

Other invertebrates that we can supply include the Blue Lobster, Calico Crab, Long Spine Urchin, Marble Starfish, Sexy Shrimp (yes, really!), Spineless Urchin, Spanish Dancer, Tiger Shrimp, a range of different cucumbers, and more.

If you are local to Bradford, you can, of course, visit us in person during our opening hours (see the bottom of the page). However, if you live further away, you can choose from our extensive stocks online and we will deliver them to you safely.

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