Angelfish And Boxfish: What You Need To Know

Angelfish are one of the most popular marine fish for collectors. They are a beautiful shape and they come in a wide range of colours.

At Marine World Aquatics we have a variety of angelfish for sale. They are some of the most stunning marine fish that you can find, and they have brilliant colours and unique patterns in blues, yellows, gold, with white dots, black dots, and so on, and an interesting fact is that they can change colour as they get older. So perhaps a young angelfish with dark stripes could have them change into light blue as time goes by.

Angel fish are one of the most beautiful species of the saltwater aquarium, there are different strains like dwarf angel which stay at small to medium size, and there are angelfish even know they can grow to large sizes in wild, this is not always the case in the home aquarium.

The smaller species of angelfish are quite easy to keep in groups, but you need to introduce them to the tank as a group so that they are all the same age.

The Boxfish 

Another fish that is popular is the boxfish, and here at Marine World Aquatics we also have boxfish for sale. We have eight different varieties that we can supply you, and they include the spiny boxfish, which is a wonderful green colour, and covered in short spines that stick out all over the body. Another variety is the Whitleyi Hawaiian Fe boxfish – an amazing blue colour with white dots all along the top of the back. And yet another stand-out boxfish is the yellow boxfish which, as the name implies is a bright yellow with black dots.

Boxfish can also grow large, with some types achieving a length of as much as 18”. It is necessary to keep them free from stress, so if you have them in an aquarium with other fish, there should not be too many of them, and they will need places to hide, such as caves and rocks.

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