Keeping Sharks in Aquarium

Keeping sharks in a home aquarium can be an exciting experience. While they are fascinating creatures to observe, it is important to understand the responsibilities that come with maintaining a healthy and safe environment for these creatures.

You need to make certain that the aquarium you select is large enough for the shark to swim freely without feeling cramped. Sharks are active swimmers and require ample space to swim and move around. A minimum of 180 gallons is necessary to keep small to medium-sized sharks, which is some 8’ wide x 2’ high and 18” deep. Sharks require clean, well-oxygenated water with a specific pH and temperature range that is suitable for these species.

When it comes to feeding, sharks are carnivorous and require a diet rich in protein. Depending on the species, they may feed on live or frozen fish, squid, scallops, or shrimp. It is important to feed the sharks a varied diet to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients they need to remain healthy. Baby sharks should be fed small amounts each day, while larger ones can be fed between 2 and 4 times a week.

Shark Fish

At Marine World Aquatics we have a choice of shark fish for sale. A very striking looking shark is the Black Banded Cat Shark which has a cream body with large black stripes. This shark is a bottom dweller and will need soft sand to avoid getting its’ belly scratched.

Another beautiful specimen is the Epaulette Shark which has a light brown body with black spots dotted along the body. It also has two very large black spots surrounded by a white rim, one of each just above the pectoral fins, which look like the ornamental epaulettes on a military uniform, hence the name. This shark is found in the wild in the areas off Queensland in Australia and New Guinea. In the aquarium it would be good to create a large cave or ledges so that it can hide away.

Keeping your tank clean is of great importance, and we have packages of creatures designed to help you with this task at specially discounted prices. These include such things as the Nassarius Snail which is a very active reef cleaner and burrows into the sand. Our packages also include the Hermit Crab which feeds on algae and detritus.

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