Choose From Our Sensational Corals For Your Aquarium!

Quite a number of people are somewhat confused about corals, asking whether they are plants or animals. They are actually animals which are invertebrates, meaning that they have no backbones. In fact, they have no bones whatsoever. Common invertebrates that you will be familiar with include worms, spiders, snails, crabs, and other inverts such as Slugs, Shrimps, Starfish, Urchins.

Corals can be as small as a pinhead or up to 1’ in diameter. When we refer to coral reefs, they are made up of thousands upon thousands of tiny corals which are called polyps. They have a soft body, but create an outer skeleton of calcium carbonate, also called limestone. Since they are animals, they do not create their own food in the way that plants do. They have minute arms that are like tentacles and they use those to gather food from the water.

This is why, at Marine World Aquatics, we have both fish and coral food for sale. And of course, as well as marine fish, we also offer corals for sale in the UK. These can make a stunning difference to any aquarium. In fact, just click on the Marine link at the top of the page, then on Livestock, and then on Coral, and you will be able to explore the almost endless possibilities for your tank when it comes to corals. Many of them are stunningly beautiful and they can also come in a range of unusual shapes.

Christmas Tree Coral

For instance, there is studeriotes-longiramosa known as the Christmas Tree Coral. Why? Because it has built up into the shape of – you’ve guessed it – a Christmas tree, in white and brown. Or you might like the Carpet Anemone in green or in a spectacular blue.  There is the Cult Grape – Caulerpa Racemose – which looks something like a bunch of grapes, or how about the Pom Pom Long Tenticle? You could spend a very pleasant hour or two looking through the amazing choices that we have available.

One thing to note is that there are so many different possibilities that they may not all be in stock at the same time. However, if you see the coral or corals that you want for your aquarium and they are not in stock, have no fear. We can always order them for you. At Marine World Aquatics, our goal is to provide you with the corals that you want and that will amaze your family and friends.

Furthermore, when you shop at Marine World Aquatics, you can save money by buying one or more of our packages. For instance, take our package of 10 Turbo Snails, 10 Nassarius Snails, 10 Hermit Crabs, 10 Banded Trochus Snails, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, and 1 Sand- Sifting Starfish. Or perhaps 5 Turbo Snails, 5 Hermit Crabs, 5 Nassarius Snails, and 1 Sand-Sifting Starfish. Saving money is always a good idea, and to that end, if you find anything cheaper at a competitor, just let us know and we will match that price!

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