D-D Aquarium

Fish are a fantastic addition to any home. Not only do they bring a splash of life and colour into your living space, but they can also be great company. But to bridge the gap between the marine lifestyle of your future friends and your own much dryer living space, you’ll need to invest in a suitable aquarium.

The aquarium is the most important of all marine care products for sale. But for a beginner, the choice can be somewhat daunting. There are lots of things to consider!

 In this article, we’ll explore Marine World Aquatic’s range of D-D Reef Pro Aquariums and everything you’ll need to consider before making your choice.

Choosing the Size of Your Aquarium

The size of an aquarium is measured in gallons. At Marine World Aquatics, we offer D-D aquariums with either 900, 1200 or 1500 litres. If you’re starting out with a few fish, you might think a smaller aquarium is the go-to choice.

However, bigger is often better! A larger aquarium can be easier to maintain if you have the budget for it. That’s because fish produce waste, such as uneaten fish food or excrement. These build up in the water, eventually creating components that can become toxic to your fish. 

In a small aquarium, dangerous chemicals build up much faster. As a result, you’ll need to be on top of cleaning the aquarium water much more often. On the other hand, a larger aquarium is more forgiving - it allows some room for error, especially for a beginner.

On top of this, investing in a larger aquarium allows you to add more fish when you’re ready!

Where Will the Aquarium Go?

You should also decide upfront where your aquarium will go in your home. A larger aquarium naturally takes up more space and requires a solid base to stand on. The D-D reef pro range comes with its own cabinet stand, which offers the ideal viewing height. This also provides internal space where wiring and other fish tank accessories we have for sale might go.

You can choose between six cabinet styles to make the aquarium fit perfectly with your home decor. Explore black or white gloss, platinum oak, anthracite, driftwood concrete, or carbon oak.

Setup and Accessories

By investing in a professional model like the D-D reef pro range, you can benefit from plenty of helpful features. For example, twin filter socks, removable quick release for maintenance access, overhead lights, a separate chiller section and optimal ventilation.

Ready to browse our range of professional home aquariums? Don’t forget to check out our other marine care products for sale to offer the very best for your marine companions.

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