Why I Need RO/DI System For My Saltwater Aquarium

The basic of keeping a saltwater marine aquarium is to only use water from an RO/DI Filtered system for your aquarium. RO/DI water will need to have purity of 0.00 tds so give your marine life the best start in life for their new home, so by using it, you won’t be introducing bad things into your system such as metals, chorine and silicates that can cause a problem in your aquarium.

 It’s a matter of having peace of mind.
With having your own RO/DI unit, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can make all the water you need, when you need it. If you didn’t have a RO/DI unit, then you’d either have to store large amounts of water in containers which takes up a lot of space. And, if you didn’t have your own unit, then you’d have to obtain from local fish store that is open.

 It’s actually cost effective in the long run
Most local fish stores sell RO/DI for 25 liters at £2.50 which is pretty cheap. But what most aquarium owners don’t think about is the amount of time they spend driving to the local fish store, filling up their containers, driving back home and then unloading your containers. And unless you have a set routine to get more water from the fish store, chances are you’d run out when the store is closed.
Doesn’t sound like massive deal to you? Well here’s where you really save money!!!!!
By not going to the local fish store, you aren’t walking by all the amazing display tanks and being tempted to buy that fish or coral that is just calling your name. How many people do you know who go into the fish store to buy one item and come out carrying a lot more than they went in for?

Controlling your own maintenance on your aquarium
When you own your own RO/DI unit, you’ll know exactly how long ago the filters were changed and how clean the water coming out of it. No more counting on someone else to keep up their system to the requirements, you’ll know when it’s time to change the filters and how clean the water is coming out of the system.
A good RO/DI unit, isn’t cheap, and prices can start from £85 but they more than pay for them self’s.
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