Great Barrier Reef Fights Back
In the great world we live in offers us many wonders Sort Sol in Denmark, Northern Lights in Iceland & Wildebeest Migration on the Serengeti.
All are incredible great in their own rights yet perhaps the most wonderful of all is the annual mass spawning of the Great Barrier Reef.
The spectacular event only happens when the correct conditions are met. When sea temperatures have exceeded 27c for a month and then two six days after full moon when there is little tidal movement.
It is mostly happening at night when plankton eaters are sleeping give the eggs and sperm a much greater chance of fertilizations & survival.
The synchronized release of the sperm & eggs increases the chance better to fertilizations.
During the release, which lasts48 -72 hours the trillions of red yellow white & orange game eaters provide an underwater display often like fireworks.
The mass spawning is seen to be most single important event in the Great Barrier Reefs recovery process following major bleaching events in 2016, 2017 & 2020, with shallow water corals being hardest hit.
This year’s event, aptly referred to as sex on the reef was first reported to have started on the evening of 23 November off the coast of Cairns on the outer edge of Flynn Reef.
The unfolding event was witnessed by marine biologist quoting as saying “the conditions were magical with the water like glass & beautiful light coming from moon”.
This year coral species were observed to be spawning in waves one after another rather than simultaneously.
The Reef suffered severe coral bleaching in 2020 & this year’s spawning is welcome sit for researchers.
It is Said that the spawning event is another wonderful sign of recovery for the bleached reefs. This is great news for all Marine Fish, Invert and Corals