Tempest Filter

Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter

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At Marine World Aquatics we believe in supplying the best filters not only for your Marine Aquarium but for your pond As well. The NEW Tempest Filt...
water change

How much Water Should I Change in My Marine Aquarium?

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The seas are incomparable in their size and stability, and all the corals we keep have to be that very clean, and pest free in our aquarium which m...
The Small Community Tank - Marine World Aquatics Aquarium Community Tank

The Small Community Tank

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As a rule, it is prescribed that an aquarist should purchase the biggest tank he can bear the cost of and has space for. There are many purposes be...
Maxspect Recurve LED Light

Face to Face with the Exciting New Maxspect recurve LED Light

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It was a lovely shock to take in of the Recurve LED from Maxspect, with a radical new idea for what an aquarium LED light can do. Even better, this...
Maxspect Recurve LED Light

Maxspect Recurve LED Light, Full Details and Pricing (VIDEO)

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The Maxspect Recurve LED is an exceptionally energizing new light with some remarkable new highlights. The Recurve presents some novel new lighting...
Parrotfish facts

Interesting Facts about Parrotfish

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During its lifespan, the beautifully coloured parrotfish is known to change its shape, colour and even gender. Parrotfish are abundant in and arou...
Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures from the Deep

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The Census of Marine Life - a ten-year effort by scientists from around the world to answer the age-old question, “What lives in the sea?” It was a...