How much Water Should I Change in My Marine Aquarium?

The seas are incomparable in their size and stability, and all the corals we keep have to be that very clean, and pest free in our aquarium which must be of stable environment.

The key to a good aquarium needs start with good quality saltwater which there are many Brands on market like Aquaforest Reef Salt, D-D H2Ocean, Red Sea Coral Pro, Tropic Marin, Atm Hot Salt, Kent Marine Salt, Instant Ocean,

But it quickly Diminishes its chemical values. Pollutants build up, so we need to change the water. Water changes are the success of most reef aquariums with good routine maintenance. Water Changes dilute nitrates and phosphates.

With regular water changes you are replacing vital trace elements and keeping your aquarium Clean and low in nutrients, but high in elements. 

It is ideal to keep Salinity 1.025 and Temp 77 Fahrenheit of the water change to maintain stability.  

It’s a fact, regular water changes of 10% are key in keeping your aquarium Healthy, Clean and will only benefit your marine reef tank and the more you do this, the lower phosphates and nitrates will be, and the more constant KH, Calcium and Magnesium will be. And stability is key. 

The average Marine hobbyist doesn’t have the time or the budget to change water every day, so there are two ways to do it. The first way is to change 10% of the water weekly. This will be enough to replace trace elements in most reefs and will keep most parameters in check. But it won’t be enough to buffer Calcium, KH and Magnesium in your reef aquarium with growing corals and additional buffering will still need to be carried out. 

The second method is to use good quality test kits like Salifert or Hanna Checkers to monitor your water levels and to give you an indication of when to change the water in your saltwater aquarium, and how much.

Nitrate is a by-product of biological filtration and needs to be kept below 10ppm. You’re your Nitrate Regular and work out how many water changes, and how much each time you need to do to keep the nitrate level in the tank at or below 10ppm.

If your nitrate level continues to ascend, you need to change more water. If the level remains constant you are changing enough, and if the level steadily declines, you are changing more than you need to.

But as stated previously, all water changes are good, and you can’t really change too much. As long as the saltwater you are putting in is made from good quality salt and the salinity, or specific gravity, is at 1.025

We highly recommend adding Quality Bacteria to your Saltwater Water change like ATM Colony.


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