First-Time Customers Are Amazed At Our Huge Choice Of Stock

At Marine World Aquatics, many of the people who come to our store in Buttershaw Lane in Bradford for the first time are absolutely amazed at the huge stock of different marine creatures that we have for sale. Not just fish - although there are many different types of those - but corals, invertebrates, plants, and so on.

For example, you can choose from our range of lobsters for sale, such as the pink lobster or the blue lobster (yes, they come in those colours as well as the red that we all know) or perhaps the “allogalatheaelegans” – the striped squat lobster. Strangely enough, although it is called a lobster, it is actually more closely related to a hermit crab than a lobster, but nonetheless it is a very striking and fascinating addition to any marine aquarium.

As for fish, well you are spoilt for choice. We stock a huge range of different varieties and they come in an almost never-ending selection of colours, shapes, and sizes. Some are relatively small, while others can grow quite large. We can help you choose fish that will adapt well to the size of tank that you have or wish to buy, and that will be easy to keep.


For instance, we have several boxfish for sale. Know why it’s called a boxfish? Yep, it’s shaped like a box! These pets are easy to keep, and they come in a fascinating selection of colours. They need a fair amount of space, so if you don’t have a large tank, you should only buy one boxfish. This is because they are territorial. You might like a Whitleyi Hawaiian male which is a dazzling blue colour with a white stripe around the body and white speckled back.

Or there is the yellow boxfish which is a startling shade of yellow and is covered in black spots. Then there is the honeycomb spiny boxfish with its’ body covered in yellow spines. There is the black boxfish which, as you might guess, is black but covered in white spots, and the common boxfish which is white covered in black spots. You have many different choices.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to keep your tank clean and free from algae and fish droppings, and the best way to do that is to buy one of our packages which include snails, lobsters, starfish, and more, all of which will help to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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