Three Of Our Most Popular Evolution Aqua Aquariums

Finding the perfect home for your home’s fish can be a tricky decision. It is one that will encompass not only your budget but the space, your home’s interiors and the size you need for your specific type of fish. As a leading online destination for beginners and experts in the fish world, our online store at Marine World Aquatics can lead you towards the ideal aquarium for your home.

To help you choose from our selection of Evolution Aqua aquariums, we have made it easier with our list of our three favourite models for you to explore below:

  1. ea300HD Cube: Starting off with a beginner’s dream, this attractive aquarium comes equipped with a cabinet perfect for storing your supplies, while also elevating the aquarium to a great height for viewing. Each one is handcrafted in the UK and you will notice the quality from every angle.
  2. eaReef 600 CubeS: An innovative product for the no-nonsense fish keeper, this version comes with a built-in sump tank allowing you to focus on buying just the skimmer, pump and each accessory to the needs of your fish.
  3. eaReef 1200 Pro: Step aside every aquarium you have laid eyes on before, and gaze at this beauty. A top-of-the-range addition to the eaReef range has a four-chamber sump tank with a black background as standard. The range of colours, as in all of Evolution Aqua’s selection, are perfect for any home’s interior.

To discover more about our favourite products at Marine World Aquatics, get in contact with us today.