This post has been pending for long time coming… Rob Pascuzzo working on Quantum for getting on close to 7 months now and its finally come.

Yes! 4th of July which is now only days away… Quantum arrives in the country and that sir is going straight in my basket… MARINE WORLD AQUATICS  already with pre-orders in and loads of amazing customers who are super quick to be getting onto our products with pre-orders in.

I feel super lucky to have got this far with such an amazing company behind me to do this… and it’s only going to get bigger and brighter for the future.

This so far has all been our warm up, Its about to kick off and what can I say with these amazing saltwater products which include Bio-active carbon, HR nitrate,

Phosphate Remover, Aragonite A, Aragonite B, Argonite C, Bio-Enhance, Bio-Gen, Bio-Kalium, Bio-Metals, Probiotic Salt at Marine World Aquatics

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