Watchman goby

The Goby  (Cryptocentrus cinctus) Family is largest fish family with more than 2000 species in 200 genera,

Most of marine genera hail from the Gobiinae subfamily that contains the small fraction of ornamental saltwater species that enter the marine trade and are of interest to hobbyist. Many of these species not only display diverse and attractive colours and patterns.but also exhibit interesting behaviors.

It such behaviors that can fulfill useful roll in captive systems and first genus id like to suggest is cyrptocentrus with C.cinctus (the sulphur watchman goby).

Watchman are relatively common inexpensive and hardy fish that mix well with many other species and even in small system.In Marine World Aquatics opinion  they have just the right mix of characteristics to make them the most suited of all sand gobies to captive life.They have the added bonus that they will usually team up with pistol shrimp (alpheus bellulus ).Watchman gobies will sift your sand bed when settled in to your salt water marine aquarium. Personally  i think they are a better option that say species from the valenciennea genus who although they turn over more substrate are typically far less hardy in captivity and starve after a few month.