Things To Consider For Your Aquarium When You Buy A Lobster

Lobsters are wonderfully unique marine creatures to add to any aquarium. Their shape makes them distinctly different from any other critters you might love to observe, and they also come in various vibrant colors.

If you’re looking for a Lobster for sale, Marine World Aquatics can offer you Blue Lobsters, Pink Lobsters and Scarlet Lobsters. But no matter which new companion you hope to add to your aquarium, there are specific considerations to keep in mind for your aquarium before you hit “Buy”.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics.

Can Lobsters Be Kept With Other Fish?

The requirements for which lobsters can be paired depending on the exact species. Our blue lobsters, for example, are peaceful specimens and will generally not bother other aquarium inhabitants. However, it might conflict with bottom-dwelling animals. However, you shouldn’t keep multiple lobsters together in one aquarium unless you have enough space.

Scarlet Lobsters, on the other hand, are safe with anemones and corals but not with other fish.

You should also not keep lobsters with larger predatory fish, as these may eat reef lobsters.

Aquarium Size

Lobsters can grow to large adult sizes, so we recommend keeping them in aquariums of around 200 litres in volume. Whilst they might be small at first, they will soon be large enough to take up quite a bit of space. 

For example, our Blue Lobster for sale grows to about 14” in size.

Live Rock and Corals

Most lobsters can safely be kept with coral reefs and anemones, which makes for a more colorful and exciting aquarium display. But you should consider adding more than just corals and rocks for decoration. This is because lobsters like to hide away, especially during the day.

They require a lot of live rock and corals with caves and crevices. Because the lobster will grow quite large, there needs to be sufficient space amidst these structures. Additionally, lobsters are known to be clumsy, so make sure that each structure is stable!

We offer a wide range of corals for sale to accompany your lobster at Marine World Aquatics. Browse anemones, hard and soft corals, sponges, gorgonians and more on our website.

Add a Clean-Up Crew to Your Aquarium

Naturally, there will be some areas of your aquarium that will be hard to clean. So, consider buying one of our packages containing a range of crustaceans and molluscs that can help keep your tank clean. 

Our packages are available at a selection of prices starting from £35.95 up to £109.95. One example is one of our mid-range priced packages that offers:

  • 10 Turbo Snails
  • 10 Hermit Crabs
  • 10 Nassarius Snails

In each instance, any of the above are insatiable feeders. This means, in the case of Turbo Snails, they will attach themselves to Rocks and Glass in your reef and feed on any algae or debris. 

The same goes for Hermit Crabs, which enjoy foraging over your sand substrate and live rock. They are great at finding their way into really tight spaces that you’d find difficult to clean manually. 

There are 9 separate packages to choose from to suit all budgets and aquarium sizes. 


Only purchase a lobster if you are confident it will not conflict with other fish or Invertebrate  in your aquarium. Alternatively, keep them on their own! Lobsters need high-volume aquariums with many live rocks and crevices to hide in. Find both lobsters and corals for sale at

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