Is The Blue Spotted Stingray A Good Choice For Your Aquarium?

We have many different species of fish that we can provide at Marine World Aquatics, and the one very special is the Blue Spotted Stingray for sale, also known as the Blue Spotted Ribbon Tail Ray and Blue Dot Sting Ray. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a member of the Dasyatidae family and is an amazing bottom dwelling fish. It has a tan body with blue spots all over it, making it extraordinarily beautiful.

This fish is a carnivore, and it does require a large fish aquarium for these species.

Not Reef Compatible

The Blue Spotted Stingray is not reef compatible, and so it needs sand as the substrate, because if anything coarser is used it can scratch the underside of the fish, and that can lead to infection. Not only that, but being a bottom dweller, it likes to cover itself with the sand as a camouflage. In the wild, it lives in the intertidal zone to a depth of around 100’.

This stingray is a peaceful fish and although it has a venomous sting in the tail, it is only used for protection. Even so, you should be careful when netting it, and beware if it is not visible when you are undertaking any maintenance in your fish aquarium, as it could catch you unawares.

The stingray is a relatively small size for its’ family, reaching a maximum length of around 16” and width of about 9”. You can buy a smaller fish from as little as 3” to 5” width, but of course you still need a big tank because it will grow.

As for food, when you introduce it to your aquarium, as a carnivore you should start it off on live saltwater shrimp or cleaned small pieces of squid, about ½” x ½”. Once established, it can be fed shrimps, scallop, or pieces of other marine fish, again chopped small.

Unfortunately, as with many of our other fish, we do not always have a Blue Spotted Stingray for sale. It really depends upon what is available at any given time. However, if you wish to add one to your aquarium, you can always place an order with us, and we will then put you on the list so that you will have first pick when some more arrive.

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