Everything For The Marine Fish Enthusiast At Marine World Aquatics

At Marine World Aquatics we offer a wide variety of fish and invertebrates for sale in the UK. We take great pride in our diverse selection of marine creatures, ensuring that all our fish and invertebrates are healthy and well-cared for. One of the most popular species we stock are angel fish.

Angel fish, are a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts. These fish are known for their distinctive triangular shape and vibrant colours. They are commonly found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region, and they come in various sizes and colours. Some of the common types of angel fish at Marine World Aquatics include the Queen Angel Fish, the French Angel Fish, and the Emperor Angel Fish. Each type of angel fish has unique features, making them a popular choice for fish keepers who want to add a touch of colour to their aquariums.

In addition to angel fish for sale, we also offer a wide variety of invertebrates. These invertebrates can be a great addition to any aquarium, providing not only visual appeal but also functional benefits. They help maintain the ecosystem in the tank by eating algae and waste, and some invertebrates can also help control pest populations.

One popular type of invertebrate at Marine World Aquatics is the Cleaner Shrimp. These shrimps are known for their bright colours and distinctively long antennae. They are commonly found in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean and are known for their ability to clean other fish in the tank by removing parasites and dead skin cells. They are a great addition to any aquarium as they not only help maintain the cleanliness of the tank but also provide entertainment for owners as they move about the tank.

Feather Worms

Another popular type of invertebrate that we provide at Marine World Aquatics are feather worms such as the Feather Duster Worm. These worms have a unique, fan-like appearance, which they use to filter feed on plankton and other small particles in the water. They are a great addition to any aquarium as they add visual interest and will help keep the water clean.

You can save some money on our invertebrates by choosing from our packages. These have been specially selected by our team to add colour and interest to your tanks. You could also choose to select your own mix of invertebrates as well. 

At Marine World Aquatics, we offer a diverse selection of marine creatures, including angel fish among many others, and invertebrates of different types. We take pride in providing healthy and well-cared-for fish and invertebrates, ensuring that our customers receive only the best. Whether you are an experienced aquarium enthusiast or just starting, Marine World Aquatics has something for everyone. Visit our website or our physical store in Buttershaw Lane, Bradford, to explore our wide selection of marine creatures.

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